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Checklist of Pre-Escrow Documentation to CollectUse this as a reference for things you should consider documenting and or collecting prior to the close of escrow on your mobile home park.Download PDF
Letter of Introduction to Tenants from New PM/LLYou can use this letter as a template for your introduction letter to tenants.Download Word Doc
Vision WorksheetUse this workbook to document where the park is now, what you want to create, and how you are going to create it.Download PDF
Checklist for Changing the Rules and LeasesUse this as a helpful checklist of things to consider doing prior to making any changes.Download PDF
Benefits to Tenants WorksheetUse this worksheet when you are going to make any changes. It will help you define the benefits of the changes to the tenants.Download PDF
No Separate Undisclosed Verbal Agreements, Arrangements or ConcessionsYou can use this as a template to get the seller and tenants to agree that they have not side-agreements you are not aware of. This is just a template - have your attorney review it or provide you with a final copy.Download Word Doc