In this unit, you will learn what you need to know to lease your vacancies as quickly as possible.

Every day that your space or park-owned home sits vacant, you lose money and reduce profitability.

Too many landlords and property managers drop the ball in this area but you’ll learn exactly what you need to know to rent your vacancies and minimize lost rental revenue.

Lessons In This Module

  1. Module 9 – Introduction
  2. The “#1 Deal Killer” & The Importance of Operating Efficiently
  3. Standardization & the “Quick Rental Turnaround Kit”
  4. Move-Out Checklist & Initial Walk-Through
  5. Cleanliness & Curb Appeal
  6. Interior Appeal
  7. Follow the “Turbo Turnaround Process”
  8. Insider Tips & Final Thoughts
  9. Next Steps & Action Items

Bonus Interviews


You may need to right-click the following links and select Save Link As to download the file to your computer

DocumentDescriptionDownload / Link
Comprehensive Inspection ChecklistUse this comprehensive checklist when you conduct the move-out checklist to see what is working, what needs to be repaired and what needs to be replaced.Download Word Doc
The "Quick Rental Turnaround Kit"Use this as a starting point for your own "Quick Turnaround Kit" so you can get your park-owned homes back on the market as quickly as possible.Download Word Doc
Daily Inspection Checklist for the ParkUse this as a daily checklist to inspect your park. Curb appeal is extremely important - use this checklist to make sure your park looks great.Download Word Doc
Weekly Inspection Checklist for Park Owned HomesUse this as a weekly checklist to inspect your park-owned homes. First impressions mean everything - make sure your park-owned homes look great before you show them to potential tenants.Download Word Doc
Mobile Home Cleaning Checklist and List of Supplies UsedUse this to keep track of the cleaning that was performed and the supplies used in the process.Download Word Doc
Move-Out Cleaning Checklist for Residents in Park-Owned HomesGive this checklist to tenants that are moving out of a park-owned home. Ideally, your tenants will do a lot of cleaning before they move out.Download Word Doc