Share applications, leases, and other documents quickly with a ScanSnap. This handy device can also help you create a near paperless office.

Google Apps: How Google Apps Work

Google Apps: How Google Documents Work

Google Apps: Use Google Forms to Collect Data

Google Forms is handy if you have multiple parks or if you are conducting a survey of your tenants or your mailing list of prospects.

Google Apps: Create In Internal Web Site (Intranet)

Create web pages to share with your employees. A private group of web pages is known as an “intranet.”


Dropbox provides an online box where you can put files. Files are synchronized across computers. Open a lease document on your laptop and edit it. Then open the lease via Dropbox on your desktop and the changes will be there. I used Dropbox to create the Property Management Module slides so I could edit them wherever I was. is another option to Google Docs where you can collaborate, consolidate documents and files, manage projects, and access your information from your Blackberry® or iPhone®. Click here to check out


Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft’s SharePoint allows you and your team to work on the same documents by checking them in and out of your SharePoint site. This is a little more complex than Google Documents and you will probably need a tech person to help you implement and maintain SharePoint.