Taxes and insurance aren’t something most of us would choose to spend much time reading about, but they are very important.

The courts often see the landlord as being all-powerful if not greedy and mean, and these lawsuit-happy times, it’s important to have the right insurance coverage.

That’s not to speak of the insurance you’ll want to have in place to help you recover in the event of a disaster that might harm your property.

Lessons In This Module

  1. Module 12 – Introduction
  2. Why You Need Insurance, Liability Insurance & Selecting Your Level of Coverage
  3. Common Forms of Insurance Coverage, Special Forms of Insurance, Co-Insurance
  4. Select an Insurance Company
  5. Renter’s Insurance
  6. Things You Can Do to Protect Yourself & Incident Report Forms
  7. Income Taxes, Active Versus Passive Activity, Property Taxes & Estimated Tax Payments
  8. Deductible Expenses, Depreciation, Tax Responsibilities for Employers & 1031 (Starker) Exchanges
  9. Next Steps & Action Items


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