CASH BACK REBATES & BONUSES: Cash Back Rebates/Self Referred sales are Not Allowed! If you are giving bonuses when someone buys our products through your links, Bonuses should be given within reasonable time period.

If customers contact us because you promised a bonus and have not delivered we will hold your commissions until your have fulfilled your bonuses. Please contact us for more information.

NEGATIVE ADS: Please avoid using negative references which damage the Mobile Home Park Classroom brand.  Terms such as scam, rip-off, fraud, etc. should be avoided and affiliates who use such terms may have their commissions withheld.

CHANGE OF ADDRESS – Please change your address in your Profile AND send me an email ([email protected]) Changing your profile will not update your MAILING ADDRESS. If your mailing address has changed, I need an email!

COMMISSION INFORMATION – Commissions are paid on or around the 30th of each month for the previous month. Also, due to our full 30-day refund policy on all products, we pay our commissions on a 30-day delay. Meaning that on the 30th of April, we would pay out all commissions earned through the 30th of March, and so on. To be paid, we must have a PayPal email on file.

You can submit/confirm your PayPal address by using the “My Profile” link in the sidebar or by clicking here.

To view your earned commissions, Click on My Ledger and use the date range 1st to the last day of the Prior Month. Each month, 20% of your earned commission are withheld for refunds. Payment Threshold: As of 8/1/2012, payments will only be made to those who are owed $20.00 USD or greater for the applicable payment period. Accounts with balances less than $20.00 USD AND that have had 60 days of inactivity will be paid out on the following payment period after the 60 days.

Negative Balance: When a customer refunds, there is a ‘clawback’ which may not affect your commission until the next month. You may have a negative balance. We will apply this to future commissions and reserve the right to invoice you. * If you have qualified to win a prize and you have a negative balance, we will hold the prize.

W9/W8 submission: If we do not have the correct withholding form for you, we cannot pay you. Please be sure you have submitted the correct form. Affiliates based in the United States are responsible for submitting a W9. International Affiliates are responsible for choosing the correct W-8 form. Please visit to view the instructions for which form to use. Please mail or email your form to Jason at the email address [email protected] or to Fast Customers LLC, P.O. Box 19241, Fountain Hills, AZ 85269.

*International Affiliates are paid via PayPal (Prizes will be paid via PayPal for the cash value). Affiliates within the US are paid via Paypal or Check and have the choice of the prize or it’s current fair market value in cash.

PRIZES: International Affiliates are paid via PayPal for the cash value of the prize. Affiliates within the US are paid via Check and have the choice of the prize or it’s current fair market value in cash. Payment dates will be according to the launch, i.e., if the prize is for a sale, it will be paid after the refund period. If the prize is for a lead, it will be within 3 weeks of the launch. All Prizes are given a ‘cash value’ and will be reported as 1099 income for U.S. Affiliates. If you have questions about our Affiliate Program please don’t hesitate to contact:

Jason Ayers
[email protected]