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You can earn money by referring Mobile Home Park Classroom to friends, family and even strangers that become customers.

Generous Commissions

We are currently paying 35% of the purchase price of the courses offered by Mobile Home Park Classroom.

Monthly subscriptions, like the Monthly Mentor Program, will pay 25% of the amount the customer is paying each month. This is a great way to make a lot of cash quickly or to set up a nice recurring income stream.

Current Prices (Commissions)
Full Course: $997 ($348.95)
Monthly Mentor Program: $197/month for 6 months ($49.25/month)

Lifetime Commissions

If you are the last person to refer a prospect to Mobile Home Park Classroom and that customer purchases, then that customer will be tagged with your affiliate information for life.

If they purchase a course today and another course 2 years from now, you’ll get credited with both purchases. While most affiliate programs will only pay you on the front-end, we think you deserve credit where credit is due. It’s just how we operate.

How to Become an Affiliate (It’s Easy)

Becoming an affiliate is easy.

Just enter your name and email below to sign up for our affiliate program. After you signup, you’ll receive an email with your affiliate link, login information and links to resources you can use to promote Mobile Home Park Classroom.

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